Bell Law Office, LLC represents landlords and tenants in all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship, from lease drafting and negotiations through eviction, in the commercial and residential contexts. Mr. Bell has handled these types of matters for more than 11 years, and can offer you flexible fee arrangements for these types of matters that make economic sense.

From a landlord perspective, you first want to make sure you are using a lease with terms that work for your circumstances, and most importantly, are permissible under Kansas law. We have found that some landlords download their lease forms off the internet, and are later surprised to learn that those forms contain provisions prohibited by Kansas law and that can get them into legal trouble. And these lease requirements vary depending on whether you are in a residential or commercial lease context. Mr. Bell can work with you to draft a lease that will work for your circumstances and that will also be compliant with Kansas law.

Every landlord knows that sometimes tenants don’t pay, and sometimes they continually breach the lease in other ways that are disruptive to neighbors or destructive to your property. When that happens, eviction becomes necessary. “Self-help eviction” isn’t legal – Kansas law has very specific requirements that landlords must comply with during the eviction process, or else they can find their eviction being dismissed by the Court and sometimes being sued by their tenants for money damages. Kansas law likewise places very specific requirements on a landlord who wants to sell or dispose of household goods and furnishings, etc. that a tenant leaves behind after the tenant leaves the premises. Failure to follow the statutory requirements can subject the landlord to a tenant’s claim for conversion (theft, in layman’s terms). Let Bell Law Office, LLC help you navigate these complex rules, and ensure that your eviction is handled correctly and that any past-due rent is pursued on your behalf.