Bell Law Office, LLC can draft a will for you that will provide for the disposition of your property upon death. Kansas law provides a default plan (intestacy laws) for the disposition of your property upon death if you haven’t prepared a will, but if you don’t want the state dictating where and to whom your property goes, then it is important that you see a lawyer who can assist you in the preparation of a will or trust.

Kansas law has very specific requirements for the execution of your will, and Bell Law Office, LLC can help you with that process to ensure that your will is valid and enforceable. Using “self-help” services on the internet or out of a software box can potentially result in a will that is invalid and won’t be honored upon your death. Probate laws vary from state to state, and even the “self-help” will packages will inform you in fine print that they are not meant to be a substitute for the legal advice of an attorney.