There are many federal and state laws in place for the protection of consumers, including the Kansas Consumer Protection Act (“KCPA”).  One of the KCPA’s primary goals is to protect consumers from businesses who commit “deceptive and unconscionable practices.”  Some of the most common deceptive practices include misrepresenting the nature, quality, and benefits of products or services, and advising a consumer that he or she needs services or repairs that are in fact unnecessary.

Many of these deceptive practices occur in relatively small consumer transactions, where the amount of money at stake would ordinarily make the prosecution of a claim or the hiring of a lawyer cost prohibitive to “right the wrong.”  However, the KCPA has made it easier for aggrieved consumers to obtain justice by allowing successful consumers to recover their attorney’s fees from a defendant who has violated the KCPA.  A successful consumer in a KCPA case is entitled to an award of his or her actual damages sustained or else a civil penalty of up to $10,000.00 per violation, whichever is greater, as well as recovery of all reasonable attorney’s fees.

The bottom line is that the KCPA is a powerful tool for consumers who have been unfairly taken advantage of in the purchase of goods or services.  Mr. Bell has over 11 years of experience in litigating these claims on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.  Call Bell Law Office, LLC for a consultation on your consumer matter.