Let Bell Law Office, LLC collect your accounts receivables, past-due rent, bad checks, and other debts. Mr. Bell offers efficient, experienced, and effective debt collection through judicial remedies. Sometimes a demand letter from our firm to your debtor will be all that is required to collect your company’s past-due receivables. But if the demand letter doesn’t work, we don’t mess around with endless phone calls and other time-wasting means of trying to get debtors’ attention while they quietly slip away with your money. We promptly file suit and pursue judicial remedies such as liens and garnishments to collect your debts.

Contrary to what you might believe, many bad debts are collectible if you have an aggressive lawyer who is willing to apply a thoughtful and tailored approach to your circumstances. Mr. Bell has over 11 years of experience in successfully collecting bad debts for clients in various industries, and with time he has learned the best practices for successful collection – and not just run of the mill collections. Mr. Bell has handled all kinds of collection matters in state and federal courts and even up through the Kansas Court of Appeals, ranging from judgments registered in the United States from overseas, to past-due equipment rental fees, to delinquent child support, to debts owed by a person in the federal witness protection program. Call us and let’s work on a strategy to begin collecting your company’s receivables.